Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

At Medallion, we offer a wide range of all Fixed restorations crafted with precision and artistry to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our all ceramic and metal restorations combine beauty, strength, and durability to deliver exceptional esthetic results and long-lasting performance. Explore our comprehensive selection of fixed restorations below:

e.Max All Porcelain Crowns/Veneers

Experience the ultimate in esthetics and strength with e.Max porcelain crowns and veneers. Crafted from lithium disilicate glass ceramic, e.Max restorations offer lifelike translucency, exceptional durability, and minimal preparation requirements for natural-looking smiles.

Full Contour Zirconia Crown/Bridge

Achieve superior strength and esthetics with our full contour zirconia crowns and bridges. Zirconia restorations provide excellent durability, biocompatibility, and esthetics, making them an ideal choice for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Esthetic Zirconia Restorations

Our hybrid zirconia restorations combine the strength of zirconia with the esthetics of porcelain to deliver optimal esthetics and durability. These restorations are suitable for a wide range of clinical applications, including crowns, bridges, and implant-supported prostheses.


Experience the perfect blend of strength and aesthetics with our Porcelain-to-Metal Bridge/Single (plus alloy) solutions at Medallion Dental Lab. Crafted with precision and care, our PFM restorations offer unparalleled durability and natural-looking esthetics. Each bridge or single crown is meticulously fabricated to ensure optimal fit and function, providing your patients with lasting comfort and satisfaction.


 With our PMMA temporaries, your patients receive an esthetically pleasing provisional solution as they await their final restoration. CAD designed and milled for durability and natural appearance, our PMMA temporaries ensure peace of mind during the temporary phase.

Maryland Bridge

Restore anterior spaces with our Maryland bridges, crafted from e.Max, zirconia, or PFM for seamless integration with natural dentition. Maryland bridges offer a conservative solution for replacing missing teeth without the need for invasive preparations.


Diagnostic Wax

Get precise diagnostics with our diagnostic wax services, ensuring accurate planning and execution for your restorative cases.

Full Gold Crown (plus alloy)

Opt for the ultimate in durability and biocompatibility with our full gold crowns, crafted to withstand the test of time. Available in various alloys to meet your patient’s specific requirements.

Gold Inlay & Onlay (plus alloy)

Experience precise fit and excellent durability with our gold inlays, ideal for restoring teeth with conservative preparation. Crafted with high-quality alloys for long-term performance. Enhance your restorative treatments with our gold onlays, providing excellent strength and aesthetics for moderate to large tooth restorations. Customized with premium alloys for optimal results.

Temporary Implant Crown (plus parts)

Offer your patients temporary relief with our temporary implant crowns, including necessary parts for easy placement and stability during the implant healing process.