At Medallion, we offer a comprehensive range of removable prosthetic solutions designed to restore function, esthetics, and confidence for every patient. Our skilled technicians combine artistry and precision to craft custom removable prostheses that meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Explore our diverse selection of removable prosthetic options below:

Complete Conventional Dentures

Restore full arches with our complete conventional dentures, meticulously crafted for optimal fit, comfort, and esthetics. Our dentures are fabricated using high-quality materials to provide natural-looking smiles and functional occlusion.

Immediate Dentures

Provide immediate tooth replacement with our immediate dentures, crafted to restore function and esthetics immediately after tooth extraction. Immediate dentures help patients maintain confidence and functionality during the healing process.

Custom Tinting

Achieve lifelike esthetics with our custom tinting services, allowing for precise color matching and shading to natural dentition. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to create seamless transitions between prosthetic teeth and surrounding tissues for natural-looking results.

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Replace multiple missing teeth with our acrylic partial dentures, crafted to restore function and esthetics while preserving remaining dentition. Acrylic partial dentures are a great temporary solution for your patients as they heal from extractions  as  these provisional offer durability, esthetics, and affordability.

Cast Partial Dentures

Provide reliable support and stability with our cast partial dentures, fabricated using high-quality metal frameworks for enhanced strength and retention. Cast partial dentures offer optimal fit, function, and longevity for patients with partial edentulism.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Experience flexibility and comfort with our flexible partial dentures, crafted from durable thermoplastic materials for a lightweight, comfortable fit. Flexible partial dentures offer excellent esthetics and biocompatibility while providing a metal-free alternative for patients with allergies or sensitivities.

Athletic Guards

Protect teeth during sports activities with our athletic guards, available in multiple colors and designs to suit individual preferences. Our athletic guards offer superior protection against impact and trauma, helping patients maintain oral health and function.

Night Guards

Prevent bruxism-related damage and discomfort with our night guards, custom-fabricated to provide optimal protection and comfort during sleep. Our night guards offer superior durability and fit for patients seeking relief from nighttime teeth grinding and clenching.

Relines (Hard & Soft Injection)

Restore fit and comfort to existing dentures with our hard and soft injection relines, designed to improve stability and retention for patients experiencing changes in jaw structure or tissue resorption. Our relining services enhance the longevity and performance of removable prostheses.

Radio Graphic Guides and Surgical Guides

Enhance treatment planning and precision with our radiographic and surgical guides, designed to facilitate accurate implant placement and prosthetic restoration. Our guides ensure optimal implant positioning and alignment for predictable outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.