Implants & Hybrid Dentures

Implants & Hybrid Dentures

Discover unmatched excellence in implant dentistry through our extensive selection of cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging our deep expertise and unyielding dedication to excellence, we equip dental professionals with the tools needed to secure the best possible outcomes, revolutionizing patient care with superior implant dentistry techniques.

ATLANTIS Conus Abutments

Experience optimal stability and aesthetics with our ATLANTIS Conus Abutments, designed for precise fit and reliable performance. These abutments ensure secure attachment of overdentures to dental implants, providing exceptional support and functionality.

OEM Patient Specific Titanium Abutments

At Medallion Dental Lab, we offer an extensive selection of patient-specific abutments, incorporating authentic OEM components from top implant brands. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital advancements, our team of expert implant technicians design each case restoration is meticulously designed and crafted to ensure unparalleled fit and accuracy, guaranteeing the success of every implant procedure.

Chairside Denture Conversions

Upgrade your removable dentures to implant-supported dentures with our convenient conversion service. If your practice is located within a 4-hour radius of our laboratory we can support you with efficient and effective conversions, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of implant dentures with minimal disruption.

Milled Titanium Hybrid Bar

Achieve unparalleled strength and stability with our milled titanium hybrid bars, ideal for supporting full-arch implant restorations. These bars are meticulously crafted to provide durable support for implant dentures, ensuring long-lasting performance and patient satisfaction.

“All on Four”, “All on Six”, “ProArch”, and “Smart Fix” Techniques

Explore advanced implant techniques such as “All on Four,” “All on Six,” “ProArch,” and “Smart Fix” to achieve comprehensive solutions for edentulous patients. These innovative techniques offer efficient and predictable outcomes, allowing for the restoration of a full arch of teeth with fewer implants and reduced treatment time.

Zirconia Hybrid Bridge

Crafted with precision and expertise, our hybrid bridges offer exceptional strength, durability, and esthetics. Made from high-quality zirconia material, these restorations provide superior stability and functionality while maintaining a natural-looking appearance. Whether replacing multiple missing teeth or restoring a single tooth, our zirconia hybrid bridges are designed to meet the unique needs of each patient.